Anti - Oxidizing Tin Plated Copper Foil Sheet Roll , RA Copper Foil
1 MT
Anti - Oxidizing Tin Plated Copper Foil Sheet Roll , RA Copper Foil
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Place of Origin: CHINA
اسم العلامة التجارية: CIVEN
إصدار الشهادات: ISO 9001
Model Number: MGP-C025006
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Cu Foil,tin plated copper sheet


tin plated copper sheet

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Packaging Details: WOODEN CASE PACKING
Delivery Time: 1 MONTH
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 550 MT PER MONTH
Product Name: Tin Coated Copper
Type: RA, Plated , not alloy
Shape: Coil
Width: According to customer's requirement
Thickness: According to customer's requirement
Customer: Samsung , LG
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Advanced Tin Plating - Tinned Copper Alloy With Tin Coated Outside Anti - Oxidizing 





The tin-plating process is used extensively to protect both ferrous and nonferrous surfaces. Tin is a useful metal for the food processing industry since it is non-toxic, ductile and corrosion resistant. The excellent ductility of tin allows a tin coated base metal sheet to be formed into a variety of shapes without damage to the surface tin layer. It provides sacrificial protection for copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metals, but not for steel.


Tin is also widely used in the electronics industry because of its ability to protect the base metal from oxidation thus preserving its solderability. In electronic applications, 3% to 7% lead may be added to improve solderability and to prevent the growth of metallic "whiskers" in compression stressed deposits, which would otherwise cause electrical shorting. However, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations enacted beginning in 2006 require that no lead be added intentionally and that the maximum percentage not exceed 1%. Some exemptions have been issued to RoHS requirements in critical electronics applications due to failures which are known to have occurred as a result of tin whisker formation.


Advanced Plating Technologies can underplate tin electrodeposits with copper plating or nickel plating to enhance solderability and improve durability of the tin deposit in high temperature applications (reference: How do I make a solderable deposit or What type of tin plating should I use for my application in our Plating Topics section).  A nickel or copper underplate prior to tin plating will minimize migration of alloying metals such as zinc from the substrate into the tin deposit in applications such as switchgear, terminal spades or fuse caps.  For critical defense or aerospace applications, codeposited lead – commonly referred to as solder deposits – can be provided to enhance wetting during soldering and minimize the potential for whisker growth.


Surface Treatment : 


  • Oil-free surface
  • Electro plating
  • Hot-dip tin plating
  • Deburred or rounded edges
  • Bright and polished surfaces 
  • Foil with protective coatings
  • Profiled foil by either milling or stamping

Supplement :


If technical data is required, please contact our customer service representative to enter a technical service request for the specific data needed.


Why Choose Civen As Your Supplier :

  1.  We are the most experienced copper manufacturer in China since 1998 ;We have many 
  2.  Many important customer in China and oversea markets like: Samsung(Korea), LG(Korea), Matsushita(China), BYD, and so on. 
  3.  We awarded a lot of certificates in this field such as CTI, SGS, ISO 9001, and etc. 
  4.  We have inventory for many regular size in Shanghai , and we can send goods out as soon as possible.

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Anti - Oxidizing Tin Plated Copper Foil Sheet Roll , RA Copper Foil 1




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