3OZ Thin Electrolytic copper foil rolls for lithium ion battery
3OZ Thin Electrolytic copper foil rolls for lithium ion battery
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Place of Origin: China
اسم العلامة التجارية: CIVEN
إصدار الشهادات: ISO 9001
Model Number: MGP-TE026039
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ED Copper Foil,electrodeposited copper foil


electrodeposited copper foil

شروط الدفع والشحن
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 15DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1200MT per Month
اسم المنتج: رقائق النحاس ED
العرض العادي: حتى 1290 ملم (50.79 بوصة)
سماكة: 1 أوقية / 2 أوقية / 3 أوقية
تطبيق: بطارية FCCL ، LI-ION
مواد: C11000
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3OZ Thin Electrolytic copper foil rolls for lithium ion battery


Description :


Copper foil for lithium ion battery
The nominal thickness 9-70 μm for single-sided and double-sided wool as well as dedicated electrolyzed copper foil double-sided light lithium battery,the scope of product breadth is 100-1300mm,of which double-sided optical electrolyzed copper foil features that double-sided structure is symmetriacl, density of metal is close to copper theoretic density,surface profile degree is extremely low,extension rate and tensil strength are high. Compared with electrolyzed copper foil for single-side and doule-side wool lithium battery,as it is affixed with cathode material ,the touch area doubles,which reduces touch resistance between the cathode collectrors and the cathode materials to enhance symmetry of volume capacity and structure of the battery.meanwhile ,double side optical electrolyzed copper foil cathode collector has wonderful resistance cold and thermal expansion performance,which can obviously extend life of the battery.



Thickness: 8µm~12µm

Width: 100mm~1340mm





Test Item Unit Specification
Single-Matte Double-Matte
8μm 9μm 10μm 12μm 9μm 10μm 12μm
Area Weight g/m2 70-75 85-90 95-100 105-110 85-90 95-100 105-110
Tensile Strength Kg/mm2 ≥28
Elongation % ≥2.5 ≥3.0
Roughness(Rz) μm Conference of parties
Thickness μm Conference of parties
Change of Color (130℃/10min) No change
Width Tolerance mm -0/+2
Appearance ----

1. The copper foil surface is smooth and level off.

2. No obvious concave and convex point, crease, indentation, damage.

3. The color and luster is uniform, no oxidation, corrosion and oil.

4. Trimming flush, no lace and copper powder.

Joint ---- No more than 1 joint per roll
Cu Content % ≥99.9
Environment ---- RoHS Standard
Shelf Life ---- 90 days after received
Weight of Roll kg Conference of parties
Packing ---- Indicated on the package with item name, specification, batch number, net weight, gross weight, RoHS and manufacturers
Storage Condition ----

1. The warehouse should keep clean, dry, and humidity is under 60% as well as The temperature under 25 ℃.

2. The warehouse should be no corrosive gas, chemicals and wet goods.

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